Electronic Reflexions (Chili)


Masterclass & Workshop animated by Jacques & Canblaster

Campus Creativo – Santiago / Chili

13 to 16.11.2018


Neuvième Ruche, in partnership with the Region Normandie , SACEM, Campus Creativo and Dj School, offers an interactive Masterclass and an artistic workshop around the Ableton Live software animated by Jacques and Canblaster.


Contents of the Masterclass of 13.11 – Open to all

Presentation / Performance – ableton / link



Workshop content from 14 to 16.11 – (7 participants on file to send at neuviemeruche@gmail.com)


First day of workshop on software instruments in Ableton Live, making macros, etc.

Canblaster and Jacques performance in link from the instruments made by the participants.


Second day: Presentation of the live set up of Jacques

Canblaster / Jacques performance in link


Day Three: Remix / edit workshop « How to turn a jam into a piece » from the material created during the performances: everyone takes one end of the multitrack and creates a piece from the jam