Electronic Reflexions (Chili)

Masterclass & Workshop animated by Jacques & Canblaster

Campus Creativo – Santiago / Chili

13 to 16.11.2018


Neuvième Ruche, in partnership with the Region Normandie , SACEM, Campus Creativo and The Loft Music Academy, offers an interactive Masterclass and an artistic workshop around the Ableton Live software animated by Jacques and Canblaster.


In Campus Creativo (Santiago / Chili)




Tracks produced during the Workshop – Bandcamp



Pic by Andres Ibarra


Contents of the Masterclass of 13.11 

Presentation / Performance – ableton / link




Workshop content from 14 to 16.11 


First day of workshop on software instruments in Ableton Live, making macros, etc.

Canblaster and Jacques performance in link from the instruments made by the participants.


Second day: Presentation of the live set up of Jacques

Canblaster / Jacques performance in link


Day Three: Remix / edit workshop « How to turn a jam into a piece » from the material created during the performances: everyone takes one end of the multitrack and creates a piece from the jam






Party with Institut Français